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How to Get Satoshi’s Treasure Keys – Guide

A new reality game called Satoshi’s Treasure has hidden the keys to $1 million worth of bitcoin across the globe.

We found some clues and thanks to the collaboration of github member johncantrell97  who write this explanation;
How I Obtained Satoshi’s Treasure Keys 1, 2, and 3 in Minutes

Today (April 16th 2019 at noon) the first major clues to discover key #1 was set to be released in a few cities. A QR code with the words ‘orbital’ were found at these locations and looked like this: ( If you read the QR code with your phone you will be directed to this url:

At this URL you are prompted to input a passphrase to decrypt the first shard. An obvious first guess was to try the word ‘orbital’ from the QR code. Not suprisingly this worked! This reveals a congratulations page and presents the first key shard:


Now, we were supposed to wait until April 17th to get clues from the other cities for keys #2 and #3 but that wouldn’t stop me from digging around with all the new information we had. All that time “playing” notpron ( years ago was going to help me here.

The first thing I noticed was the k1 in the url and quickly checked to see if k2k3, and k4 existed. I was excited to see that both k2 and k3 already existed but k4 (and anything higher) did not appear to exist yet.

The next thing I noticed was that k2 and k3 were both exactly the same setup as k1 where it wanted me to input a passphrase to “decrypt the page”. I thought this was strange wording as I expected the verification to happen server side. I checked the page source to find that the actual congrats page that reveals the shard was included in the source code (albeit encrypted by the passphrase).

You can continue reading this guide on GitHub

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