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Jonha Richman: Why the current crypto winter is great for the industry

Jonha Richman, one of the leading women in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

There was not much information then, but she later on revealed in an interview that should the world be faced with yet another imminent financial crisis, today’s generation will want to have a hedge against such situation and Bitcoin provides a likely solution. 

When asked as to why she thinks Blockchain is not going anywhere and likely to disrupt various industries, she shared:

Why Bad Actors Exist in Almost any industry

“I view the development of blockchain in the same way the internet grew. At first, it was just the cool kids and over time it moved mainstream. Blockchain is similar in a way. There are bad actors in the industry, this says more about the makeup of the populace than any underlying moral in the technology.”

Why the current crypto winter is good in the long run

“New technology starts off elitist, expensive, and often scrappy. But I feel the long crypto winter has been good for the sector. It is a shame and I feel for people have lost jobs but now only scalable, provable projects will move forward.”

“The market and the whole industry has an interesting way of policing itself as people who get involved tend to become wiser, projects that don’t necessarily deserve the attention and money of their investors get busted. Hopefully, the industry will clear of such junk projects and have more time on focusing on building impactful products and services.”

Jonha Richman is a CMO-on-demand with 10+ marketing, PR and partnerships across Europe, US, and Asia.

She has over a decade of marketing and communications experience working with global innovative companies, helping them scale their global operations. She has worked with brands such as Unilever, IKEA, Sony Pictures, etc. She has also worked with creative powerhouses such as Leo Burnett, Media Contacts, and VML Qais. 

She has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Blockchain Influencers Disrupting the Industry in 2018 by Disruptor Daily. She’s also one of the Top 10 Must-Follow Thought Leaders in the Philippine Tech Scene by Tech in Asia. 

She also lends her marketing expertise as a patron and advisor to projects and causes that work on impactful causes such as UK Charity Week and Tour de Crypto. She is interested in advising projects that have the potential to establish the right economic model, potential for scalability and eclipse borders, and have a clear roadmap.

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