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5 Things to Know Before Investing in Ripple (2019 Edition)

In recent years Ripple has jumped to 1 dollar in value and then to 2 USD, taking second place in terms of market value. XRP during the year reached a market capital of 91 billion dollars, just a position under Ethereum. Will investing in ripple in 2019 be the deal of the year?

1) 120 Financial Institutions support Ripple
Ripple has already gained interest from a number of well-known financial institutions, including Santander Bank, Western Union, American Express, and Money Gram, just to name a few. However, those partnerships are for xCurrent which is another product offered by Ripple. According to Ripple, more than 120 banks tested xCurrent which is a blockchain-based product.

2) Opportunity for XRP to be listed on Coinbase
Coinbase prepares to insert Ripple in his exchange,For the first time, Coinbase has launched the nomination of Ripple as a possible new entry. This is after the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has authorized Coinbase Trust to offer custody services to 6 cryptocurrencies.If this happens Ripple will have a big increase.

3) Good Relationship with Governments
The International Monetary Fund has proved open to the usefulness of cryptocurrencies. The Financial Stability Board, composed of several central banks, declared in March 2018 that it does not see in cryptocurrencies an instrument that is a risk to global financial stability.

4) XRapid Launch
Monday, October 1, the Californian company has announced the arrival of xRapid, an innovative system that will allow the use of XRP cryptocurrency in order to conclude cross-border transactions in a few minutes.Mercury FX, Calix and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union will be the first three companies to use such innovative technology as to repeatedly increase Ripple’s listing.

5) Ripple at the Tokyo Olympics Game 2020
A freshly launched petition is that it has already collected 12,000 signatures was launched to make Ripple official cryptocurrency of the event. According to Ken Takahashi, the creator of this petition, Ripple (XRP) has the potential to solve many logistical problems associated with major international sporting events, particularly with regard to currency exchange. Rather than using the Japanese yen, Takahasi proposes a system that requires the use of Ripple (XRP).

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