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What is BTT token BitTorrent Coin? Complete Beginner’s Guide

BitTorrent, one of the world’s most popular P2P torrent clients with over 100 million monthly users, continues to be the center of attention in the Tron community.

TRON Foundation and BitTorrent Foundation are introducing a new cryptographic token called BTT along with an extended version of the BitTorrent protocol in order to create a token-based economy around the usage of networking, bandwidth and storage on hundreds of millions of computers on the internet.

What is (BTT) Token?

BTT is the token of the giant file sharing BitTorrent that allows peers to incentivize activities and improve file sharing.

How does it work?

BTT coin is one of the first token that work on TRC-10 protocol based on the TRON blockchain to foster faster speed on the world’s largest decentralized application.

  • The token will be the unit which denominates transactions for the provision of different services in the BTT-enabled BitTorrent ecosystem.
  • BTT will be made available as a divisible token allowing for very fine-grained pricing for an evolving set of services within a liquid market of service requesters and service providers.
  • BitTorrent Inc. will be deploy an “on-chain/off-chain exchange” which exists to facilitate the transfer of tokens between a high-performance private ledger and the public TRON blockchain .

A total supply of 990,000,000,000 BTT.

The total supply with be divided as follows: the allocation to BitTorrent, Inc. torrent client users as part of client install and onboarding, the allocation to existing TRX holders, the initial supporters and investors, the BitTorrent Foundation and team, the TRON Foundation.

Users of BitTorrent, Inc.’s torrent clients (and possibly other torrent clients which choose to implement the required set of protocol extensions) will be able to submit a CAPTCHA or proof of work which will allow them access to an initial balance of BTT.

How to buy BTT Token?

You can currently buy your BTT tokens on the following exchanges

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