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10 Ways to Become Rich with Bitcoin

Mining is not the only way to earn Bitcoins. On the Web there are many other tools that allow you to receive virtual currency.

Recently the Bitcoins have reached their maximum historical value. This has awakened the interest of media and users. Many people are interested in earning money through virtual currency.

If you want to start earn money with Bitcoins there is a fundamental step to take,open a virtual wallet for Bitcoin.With this you can start receiving and spending virtual currency. You can get a virtual portfolio on different online services. Attention,many are not trustworthy and just try to scam users. Among the most famous and accredited we find  Once you have a portfolio, you can establish multiple bitcoin addresses, which allow you to receive from others. They are virtual and not real addresses.


Bitcoins as well as purchased can also be generated. The operation is called mining “extraction” . The process involves the use of sophisticated machines that are expensive and consume a lot of electricity to solve mathematical algorithms to get bitcoins. It is not a solution for non-expert users. In recent years, due to the difficulty of the process, it is no longer considered a profitable system. Or rather, not if done at home. It would be better to be part of a group that deals with “extracting” virtual currency. The most famous groups in the Network for the extraction are:BTCC, AntPool and SlushPool.

Cloud Mining

Bitcoin extraction can also be done in the cloud. That is using a remote data center that has a common processing power. This system is ultimately considered more advantageous because it does not force users to use powerful hardware solutions to get Bitcoins. It must be said, however, that the absence of electricity consumption and sophisticated machinery and algorithms has a high cost. In fact, the cloud mining service is available by payment for monthly or annual packages.The most famous companies in this field are , and

Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

If you have a site or a blog or you are an expert in web marketing you can start a business of affiliate marketing. In2018 with the great success of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin many marketing companies have launched several affiliate programs with bitcoin payouts –> Best Bitcoin & Crypto Affiliate Programs For 2019

Sell Products for Bitcoins

There are people on the Internet who sell clothes, old gadgets, cars and even homes in exchange for Bitcoin. What seems to be an extravagant method is actually one of the most used systems in recent years. It allows those who do not have much time to earn Bitcoin in other ways to start with a good sum on their virtual wallet. The most used sites for these exchanges are Bitify and Purse

Bitcoin Casinò

Gambling also exists in the Bitcoin world. So there is the online possibility of betting to win Bitcoins. Usually you play roulette, poker, dice and slot machines. The most famous sites in this field are

Bitcoin trading

On the Net you can also trade with Bitcoins. The concept is quite clear, many Bitcoins are bought when they are worth less, and then the cryptocurrency is expected to rise in value to sell it. → 3 Best Bitcoin Trading Platform

The world of Bitcoin is quite democratic, offering different possibilities to everyone. By signing up on Localbitcoins.comyou can become a “Market maker” of Bitcoin. That is you will manage process of buying and selling the virtual currency on the Net. After registration we will have to insert announcements to start negotiations, prices and times. In practice this way you sell Bitcoins to people who in return will pay us with “real” money. Attention, it is a site that leaves no room for scams. Buyers and sellers are evaluated by a feedback system and every suspicious movement is blocked.

Bitcoin Loans

To earn money, we can also use Bitcoins to lend them to entrepreneurs and SMEs using the Bitcoin peer-to-peer loan platform called Bitbond. This is currently one of the most used and most advantageous methods. Start-ups and SMEs can borrow virtual currency without the use of a traditional financial intermediary, avoiding the problems associated with “classic” loans.

Micro Activity

Then there are some sites that in exchange for small actions to do on the Net offer us virtual currency. They are usually surveys, ad view, beta application testing. The most famous sites in this field are BituroCoinbucks and Bitcoin reward.

Bitcoin Ads

Some Internet sites pay users in Bitcoins if they watch advertisements. Obviously we will have to register with the site to start earning virtual coins in this way. Beware though it is a very, very slow way to get Bitcoin. The most famous sites in this regard are Luna BitcoinBitcoin Aliens and BTCclicks.

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