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3 Best Sites to Buy Ripple (XRP) 2019

Ripple XRP,is conquering banks all over the world and will become the most used payment platform. Buying Ripple is definitely one of the hottest investment in cryptocurrencies to be in 2019.

In this post i published the list of the 3 best exchanges sites to buy Ripple in 2019:


CEX.IO is based out of Europe and has the reputation of being one of the top Ripple exchanges in the world. CEX.IO operates in almost every country in the world and you can buy Ripple with Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Wires and other payment options. CEX.IO allows buying of Bitcoin and Ethereum and much more… Visit website

Binance is currently the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with over $ 6 billion of assets traded over an average 24-hour period. Binance does not allow to purchase cryptocurrencies from credit card or bank transfer. Before you can buy all the cryptocurrencies present in Binance, you will then have to own Bitcoin, or Ethereum, or Litecoin to be transferred to the Binance wallet. Visit website

Changelly is another service that allows Ripple to be purchased easily,The service acts as a mediator between trading cryptocurrency platform and users providing a wide range of digital assets for a seamless exchange. In order to use either of these services, you will need Bitcoin or Ethereum. Changelly never actually hold your coins, so you need to have a Ripple wallet. Visit website

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